Stephanie Sine Meteorologist Stephanie Sine joined WHAG’s Weather Team in November of 2013 and is proud to say that she’s a local here in the 4State! You can tune in and watch Stephanie every weekday morning at 5:30-7 A.M. on WHAG Morning news, and also on the WHAG noon show.

While growing up in Cumberland, MD, she always noticed that the mountains to the West and valleys to the East would experience completely different weather phenomena at the exact same time. She would wake up to zero snow in Cumberland, while Frostburg and Grantsville would be covered in inches of snowfall. This was what first interested her in weather at a very young age. Whether it’s a thunderstorm, snow storm, or fair weather, you'll always find her keeping up with the forecast or outside observing the sky.

Stephanie began her collegiate career at Frostburg State University in Western MD where she studied Geography. Knowing that she always wanted to study weather and become a meteorologist, Stephanie transferred to the University of North Carolina at Asheville. She ended up received a Bachelor of Science from UNCA with a concentration in weather forecasting. Being in the mountains of NC, she felt right at home in the Southern Appalachians. Stephanie completed undergraduate research with a meteorology professor at UNCA that required her to learn how to launch weather balloons every hour during specific weather events. During snow storms, UNCA was usually closed or delayed and students would enjoy the day off – not Stephanie! She was hard at work in the cold, launching weather balloons and collecting data to send to various places. Also during her college career, Stephanie interned at WHAG’s sister station in Altoona, PA – WTAJ News! Stephanie was also involved in an amateur storm chasing group during her college years.

When she's not working, Stephanie enjoys visiting with friends and family, being outside, practicing yoga, and playing video and board games. If you see her around, make sure to say hello!

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