Meritus Health Promotes Cardiac Health Through National Wear Red Day

Meritus Health Promotes Cardiac Health Through National Wear Red Day

Heart disease is the number killer of women in the nation and Meritus Health promoted heart health awareness through its evening event.

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - As part of WHAG's February theme for Better Together of cardiac health, Meritus Health kicked offi its Sixth Annual Red Wine and Dark Chocolate event in celebration of National Wear Red Day.

The Cortland Mansion had their lights on low, but women in red were easy to spot.

Employees and the public were invited to learn the truths and myths of heart disease.

"Heart disease is thought of as a man's disease and we want women to realize that they're just as at risk than men," says Pam Peitz, manager of cardiac rehab.

Approximately 140 people attended as they feasted on heart-healthy dishes.

"Heart disease is largely a preventable disease. One of the reasons we're doing this is to increase awareness. If people changed their lifestyle, they can actually prevent developing heart disease," adds Peitz.

Little do many of us know, heart attacks and rhythmnic problems are the top issues of cardiac health.

"Top problems in terms of heart disease are heart attacks which is related to coronary disease but also knownas congestive heart failure and rhythmn problems," says Chris Viccari, cardiologist of Hagerstown Heart.

With the simple habits of eating and sleeping right, it can save you from bad news.

To maintain good cardiac health, cardiologists say a healthy diet and exercise will make a large difference in the long run.


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