Meritus Health's Pumpkin Dash 5K Encourages the Community to Stay Fit

Meritus Health's Pumpkin Dash 5K Encourages the Community to Stay Fit

Hundreds of runners, ranging from all ages, took part in the 5K and Family Fun Day as a way to stay outdoors and remain healthy.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. - It was more about raising awareness than raising money.

About 371 registered runners took part in the annual Pumpkin Dash 5k and Family Fun Day held by Meritus Health.

"Mostly we want families to come out, have a great morning, enjoy activities and bring children that they should fit and active and not sitting in front of the TV," says Joseph Ross, CEO of Meritus Health. It was Meritus Health's way of encouraging people of all ages to stay fit.

"We think that the key to an awful lot in our lives is preserving our health and wellness," adds Ross.

The race was a cross-country path style including pavement, sidewalk and grass.

Once runners crossed the finish line, they shifted over to the Family Fun Day event. There were a variety of activities such as: pumpkin decorating, fitness demonstrations, and an obstacle course.

"It's really great to see the community come out and just to participate and show that they're motivated to stay healthy just like we're trying to motivate them to be healthy in their lifestyles," says Carina Kahl.

"Just to promote fitness, it's a great opportunity for our young women to include themselves in the community," says Vicky Bullett, head coach of Hagerstown Community College basketball.

It is a community coming together with one in mind; staying active and staying healthy.



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