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  • Carrie Pilby

    Carrie Pilby

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    Comedy 98 min

    Pilby is a genius who graduated Harvard at 18. Convinced that the world is populated by oversexed hypocrites, she has a hard time making sense of life as it relates to morality, relationships, sex and leaving her apartment. In an effort to coax Carrie out of her shell, her psychiatrist makes a deceptively simple checklist of goals for her to achieve between Thanksgiving and the year's end. Each goal brings Carrie closer to the understanding that humans, like books, can't be judged by their covers.

  • D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D

    D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D

    No Rating Documentary 40 min

  • Dark Universe Space Show

    Dark Universe Space Show

    No Rating Program 25 min

    Featuring exquisite renderings of enigmatic cosmic phenomena, seminal scientific instruments, and spectacular scenes in deep space, the new Hayden Planetarium Space Show Dark Universe celebrates the pivotal discoveries that have led us to greater knowledge of the structure and history of the universe and our place in it - and to new frontiers for exploration.

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon

    R Action, Adventure, Suspense, Thriller, Drama 99 min

    Recruited by an intelligence agency, outstanding martial arts student Bruce Lee participates in a brutal karate tournament hosted by the evil Han. Along with champions Roper and Williams, Lee uncovers Han's white slavery and drug trafficking ring located on a secret island fortress. In the exciting climax, hundreds of freed prisoners fight in an epic battle with Lee and Han locked in a deadly duel.

  • Guru (Telugu)

    Guru (Telugu)

    No Rating Drama 140 min

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean 3D

    Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean 3D

    No Rating Documentary 40 min

  • Journey to Space 3D

    Journey to Space 3D

    No Rating Documentary 30 min

  • Journey to the Stars

    Journey to the Stars

    No Rating Documentary 86 min

  • Kavan


    No Rating Drama min

  • Kika


    No Rating Drama, Comedy 114 min

    Spanish director Pedro Almodovar returns to his recurring framework of offbeat sexuality and death with this colorful comedy. Kika (Veronica Forque) is a Madrid makeup artist who falls in love with Ramon (Alex Casanovas), a dead man whose face Kika is hired to prepare for a funeral. Kika's attraction resurrects Ramon, and the two begin cohabiting. Kika becomes embroiled in a pair of criminal schemes, one involving her maid Juana (Rossy De Palma) and Juana's amorous, retarded brother Pablo (Santiago Lajusticia), the other involving Ramon's father, Nicholas (Peter Coyote). After Kika is raped by Pablo, she learns the incident was videotaped by Ramon, the footage ending up on a tabloid television program hosted by Andrea Scarface (Victoria Abril). Kika and Ramon split, but the latter discovers his father's complicity in the demise of his mother, leading to a violent confrontation. Because of Almodovar's humorous treatment of the film's rape, Kika was his third feature in a row that resulted in critical accusations of misogyny and exploitation. His subsequent material became more dramatic and less tinged with black humor.~ Karl Williams, All Movie Guide

  • Monkey Business (1931)

    Monkey Business (1931)

    No Rating Comedy, Classic 77 min

    The first Marx Brothers film to be written directly for the screen (its authors included S. J. Perelman, Arthur Sheekman and Will B. Johnstone), Monkey Business is also the merry Marxes' first Hollywood production. Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo are brilliantly cast as four stowaways on an ocean liner, bound for New York. As our heroes endeavor to elude dimwitted First Mate Gibson (Tom Kennedy), each of the brothers gets involved in an adventure of his own. Groucho finds himself in a menage a trois with gangster Alky Briggs (Harry Briggs) and Briggs' sexy wife Lucille (Thelma Todd); Harpo joins a Punch and Judy puppet show, driving the ship's crew into a frenzy of confusion; Chico hires himself out as bodyguard to retired bootlegger Joe Helton (Rockliffe Fellowes); and Zeppo romances Joe's pretty daughter Mary (Ruth Hall). Once they've arrived in New York, the Marx boys head to Helton's Long Island mansion, where, after the obligatory harp-and-piano musical interludes, the fearsome foursome team up to rescue Mary from her kidnappers. There are far too many wonderful moments in Monkey Business to detail here, but highlights include Groucho's initial confrontation with Alky Briggs (With a little study, you'll go a long way, and I wish you'd start now!) and his romantic tete-a-tetes with Lucille (Come with me, and we'll lodge with my fleas in the hills -- er, flee to my lodge in the hills); Harpo and Chico's attempts to shave a sleeping barbershop customer (You know what, partner? I think we give-a him one snoop too much); and the classic setpiece, borrowed from the team's early Broadway hit I'll Say She Is, in which all Four Marx Brothers try to slip past the customs officials by posing as Maurice Chevalier! Though not the best of their Paramount features, Monkey Business is still among the funniest Marx Brothers comedies ever made -- and one of the funniest comedies, period.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

  • National Parks Adventure 3D (America Wild 3D)

    National Parks Adventure 3D (America Wild 3D)

    No Rating Documentary 40 min

    The power of America's national parks is undeniable. Millions have packed up the family to hike through impossibly lush forests, to gaze upon towering cliffs and deep-plunging canyons, to witness the breathtaking arcs of natural history, and, most of all, to share moments of wonder amid the protected treasures of this land. A film that offers not only a sweeping overview of the national parks' history, but is equal parts adrenaline-pumping odyssey and soulful reflection on what the wilderness means to us all.

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  • Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

    Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

    • Release date: Apr 4, 2017
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  • North by Northwest (1959) presented by TCM

    North by Northwest (1959) presented by TCM

    • Release date: Apr 5, 2017
  • National Theatre Live: Twelfth Night

    National Theatre Live: Twelfth Night

    • Release date: Apr 6, 2017
  • Case for Christ: LIVE

    Case for Christ: LIVE

    • Release date: Apr 6, 2017
  • Gran Teatre del Liceu: Rigoletto

    Gran Teatre del Liceu: Rigoletto

    • Release date: Apr 6, 2017
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