90-Year-Old Woman Takes Care of Others, Wins National Award

- FREDERICK, Md. - WHAG originally told you about a special woman several months ago, a 90-year-old who still works and takes care of other senior citizens.

Now, she's won National Caretaker of the Year for Right at Home, the company she works for. And one of her clients says, it couldn't go to a more beautiful lady.

Lloyd Diggs’ is an 89-year old Navy Veteran. He has a hard time getting around these days, with some pain in his legs, back, and side, and he needs help cleaning up around the house, as well as getting medication.

So through the VA, he found Right at Home, an in-home care and assistance company, which sends someone out during the week to help Mr. Diggs with day-to-day things.

And they sent Mary Hartsock to see Mr. Diggs’ twice a week. But Mary is older than her client!!

"I'm in good hands. Lovely person. Like I said, I couldn't want anything better," Mr. Diggs said.

At 90, Mary has been named Caretaker of the Year for the entire company, nationwide.

She beat out 15,000 other caretakers. Something she calls a huge honor. And her boss couldn't be more proud.

“I'm so pleased for Mary and really honored for this distinction, and I hope she'll be around with us for many years to come," said Carole Luber, Owner of Right at Home in Frederick.

They flew Mary out to Omaha for five days, put her up in a hotel suite, and she attended an awards banquet. She was like a celebrity, even making a speech on stage in front of almost 900 people, where she said her "thank you's."

"The first thing I'd say is I'd thank God for keeping me well enough to make the trip, because I've always wanted to come here,” Mary said.

But even more important than the award, making sure Mr. Diggs’ is okay during the week.

"At my age, and even when I was younger, if I could do something for something for somebody, if I could help them and they could show it, then I've felt like I've really done something," Mary said.

Mary's never missed a day of work since she's been a caretaker. And she spends time in the office on some work days when she's not with Mr. Diggs.

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