90 Years Young and Skydiving to Celebrate It

CHAMBERSBURG, PA- His friends say he's 90 going on 19, Jack Myers joined the "Greatest" generation and fighting for our country during WWII.

So to celebrate his 90th birthday he decided to something a little more exciting than a party.

"There are a lot of people who skydive when they reach a birthday whether it's 60, 70, 80 or 90," says Kathie Sides, co-owner of Chambersburg Skydiving Center.

Myers decided to take to the skies to celebrate hitting his 90's.

"I wasn't really surprised, he's in very good shape for 90 years-old," says Jeff Myers, Jack's son. "He plays tennis and golf; I hope to follow in his footsteps."

Jack says his biggest goal in life is to never be afraid of anything so he took that mantra to 14,000 feet and didn't think twice before jumping out of a plane.

"That's probably the biggest rush right there I mean you know right before you go that's awesome," says Jack Myers, skydiver. "The wind is rushing the noise and the airplane and 14,000 feet."

What's his secret to staying young? He calls it the three A's. First is a good attitude in life, then staying active and lastly associating with the right people who you can trust. A secret that helped him make it through his latest stunt.

"The professional I went with made me feel very comfortable and he told me everything to do," says Jack. "I'm good at taking orders I've been married for 69 years."

Jack says he's thankful for having such a great support system, a family that fittingly looks up to him even on days when he's not plummeting from the sky.

"If I could be half the man he is I'd be happy," says Jeff.

Taking a birthday milestone to new heights!!

Jack says he's now hooked on skydiving and hopes to be able to do it every year on his birthday. His son, Jeff, plans on joining him one day.

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