A Minute of Exercise to Keep the Doctor Away

SHENANDOAH JUNCTION, WV - "Stay active, be active," says Clark Rachfal, a Paralympian Cyclist.

Who thought just one minute of exercise a day and acting goofy would help kids learn.

"It gets me moving and want to be at school," says Andrew Chapman, a fourth grader at T.A. Lowery Elementary.

T.A. Lowery Elementary School helped put West Virginia on the map. Every morning kids get out of their seat to be active for the Jammin' Minute.

West Virginia broke a world record: more people state-wide participated in the Jammin' Minute than anywhere.

"When I found that out, I was over-the-top happy because our state was ranked first in the whole country," says Andrew.

"It was 10am local time, everyone stopped what they were doing to show that fitness is important and that we were able to take a minute of our day to show the kids how important it was to take a minute of their day to do some activities too," says Mandy Winebrenner, the P.E. teacher at T.A. Lowery Elementary.

To show how important being active is, two Paralmpians came to school.

"Rowing opened up a world of sport for me, and I could achieve high levels in sport. So now I'm a registered dietician, and a silver medalist, and it's all because of rowing and the Paralympic movement," says Emma Preuschl, a Paralympic Rower.

They say competing in sports increases concentration and even drives bullies away.

"Growing up is tough for everyone. At the time I'd say yes, I probably felt that I was picked on more. But as I got older, I realized this is who I am and I don't want to be defined by others. I don't want them to tell me what I can and can't do," says Clark.

"We all have what i call the lucky fin," says Emma.

She held up her arms for kids and said, what makes her different isn't the way her left arm bends, it's her commitment to climb to the top.

Teachers say the "Let's Move" campaign is West Virginia's main drive to get healthy and bring obesity rates way down.

Anyone can participate in the Jammin' Minute. To find the routine done around the world click here.
To watch other schools' routines, click here.

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