Adult Hunting Licenses Could be Increasing

HAGERSTOWN, MD - A bill to increase the cost of adult hunting licenses is returning to the Maryland General Assembly this session. The proposal is to increase the cost of an adult license from $24.50 to $44.50. 

"Hunting in the family has been around a really long time," says Jeremiah Hill.


Hill works part time with his father Marshall Hill at Uncle Bud's in Hagerstown selling hunting equipment and firearms.


"It's actually a great bonding experience, it's a passion my dad's always had...I've been hunting since I was 12 or 13 years old, went through my safety course, and was out there for the first time in the field with my dad," says Hill. 


The Legislative Sportsmen's Foundation is pushing to increase the cost of an adult license in Maryland by nearly 100 percent.


Hill says because of the finances, he worries the tradition of the game won't get passed on to future generations. He says it could disconnect generations to come from supporting the right to bear arms, since they could loose out on the experience, and emotional connection it brings.


The foundation says if the increase is approved, the extra funds would help create a new state wildlife management fund. Other initiatives to raise money for the fund will also go before the general assembly.


This push comes after a bill to raise the fee last year failed. The foundation says the last increase in the cost of a resident adult hunting license was 23 years ago.

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