Allegany County Students Construct Solar Bike

- ALLEGANY COUNTY, Md. - Students with the Electrical Construction and Maintenance program at the Center for Career and Technical Education created a solar bicycle operated at 36 volts propelled by a 500 watt motor. 

The program, directed by instructor Mike Riggleman, was to teach students that by utilizing a solar bike they could travel to school or work with a motorized vehicle without the need to rely on fossil fuels, according to a release from the Board of Education of Allegany County. 

Officials say the solar panel on the bike charges a bank of batteries which is used to power the motor. They say the solar bike can reach speeds of 20 mph unassisted and faster if the rider chooses to pedal. Officials say it takes about six to eight hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the batteries. 

Officials say students who assisted in this project are seniors Dylan Symons and John McMullen. They also say Career Center 2013 graduate Robert Haynal devoted much time to the project. 

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