Alleged Noose Found in Resident's Front Yard


WAYNESBORO, Pa. - For some, racism is still alive in the world, and for one Waynesboro family it was in their own front yard when they came home on Sunday. 

The family, who does not want to be identified, found an alleged noose tied to a tree in front of their house.

"I knew that racism was out there, but now it's at my house," the female victim said. "It made me very angry."

The family contacted police, but mentioned that they weren't much help when they arrived.

"He (the officer) reached up and grabbed ahold of the branch, pulled the rope down out of the tree and said 'It's not a noose,'" the victim said. "One rope in a tree isn't a cause for investigation to him. I felt otherwise. I told him I was very offended and that I needed him to do something."

The woman said the area they live in is very nice, and there's only two other black families in the neighborhood. She said those families have never seen something like this before.

"I think that it's just because of the color of our skin," she added. "I don't know anybody around here at all."

The woman said despite the incident, they're not leaving their home.

"I'm not moving, I'm not going anywhere," she said. "I will be more aware of my surroundings, but I'm not moving anywhere."

The woman wants others to be aware of what's happening in the area, especially since her family was targeted.

"I would like people to understand that we're all God's children," the woman said. "Be aware that racism still exists. It is out there, and some of us are being targeted for no reason at all besides the color of our skin."

The family said they are not scared about the incident and said it was more ignorant than anything. However the woman's 17-year-old daughter said she wants the family to move.

This is not the first time the family has experienced an incident of racism before. At another Waynesboro house they lived in, they received a bag of sand on their front porch with a KKK card inside reading that the clan was protecting the area.

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