Apple Blossom Carnival Delayed Due to Rain


WINCHESTER, Va. – The region has been hit with non-stop rain, and now that weather is spilling over into the 87th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival.

"We’re used to dealing with the elements; we deal with them all the time. Its part of what we do,” said Marc Janas, Public Relations Director for Powers Great American Midways.

The Powers Great American Midways Carnival was on schedule to open Tuesday night, but officials made the call just minutes before 5:00 PM to cancel Tuesday’s festivities. 

They said only extremely bad weather would cause them to delay or close up shop.

"It’s pretty much a game time decision. We have to wait right up until the last minute to see if it's going to clear up. Sometimes we'll do a delay for an hour or something like that,” said Janas.

He says Powers Great American Midways has been serving the Apple Blossom Festival for the last 15 years, which encourages them to bring in new additions each year.

"We have three new rides that have never been here before. One is called the Rampage Stampede, and it is a double-decker ferriswheel, so it gives you a birds eye view of the whole midway," he said.

For those that are looking for the more traditional carnival experience, Janas said they have your typical carnival fare too.

"There’s something for everyone: cotton candy, candy apples and fried funnel cakes. There are games for everybody, games for the kids. You’ve got the standards like the water games, the duck games and all those types of things,” he said.

After spending a solid two days setting up the carnival, Janas said they are ready to welcome carnival-goers as soon as weather permits. He said, “We want everyone to come out. Have something good to eat, ride one of the rides, ride all the rides, and have a lot of fun."

The carnival is scheduled to be in town until Sunday, May 4. The carnival committee will decide by 4:00 PM tomorrow if they will close again due to weather.

For more information on the carnival – like where to buy tickets – click on the following links:


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