Application Withdrawn on Proposed Gun Range for Sugarloaf Mountain


FREDERICK, Md. - Members of the community came together once again on Tuesday night at Winchester Hall for a hearing, and a final decision regarding the proposed gun range on Sugarloaf Mountain.

After about five minutes, the hearing was over and a final decision was made, with members of Old Line Arsenal, LLC withdrawing their application.

"We knew what the right thing to do was, and that's what we did today," said William Valois, Old Line Arsenal member.

"When he said he was withdrawing, it was like heaven," said Peggy Kaplan, Sugarloaf Alliance member.

A standing ovation was given from the community. Members of Old Line Arsenal, LLC said the testimony given from a few community members at last week's hearing, led to their decision to withdraw.

"I would much rather co-exist with everybody," said Andrew Valois, who gave the statement that Old Line Arsenal was withdrawing. "The vast majority of people I've met are good and decent people. I would very much like to get to know them and become good neighbors with them."

Members said they plan to continue the Sugarloaf Alliance after a strong bond within the community. They said they're more than pleased with the decision made on Tuesday.

"A very happy ending to a very worrisome situation," Kaplan said.

There's no word yet on what Old Line Arsenal, LLC plans to do with their farm space.

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