Bike Lovers Rev Up For The Motorcycle Expo

WINCHESTER, VA - It was big. It was bad. It was back.

It was like the movie Grease, rolling in with leather jackets, shades, and whole lot of attitude.

Except this time, it was a day for bikers and bike lovers, showing off the shiny stuff.

"We have vendors from all over The United States, a lot primarily based on the eastern seaboard. Many of them are here showing their motorcycles. Some of these motorcycles are for sale, some of these are professional show bikes," says Jeff Wilkins, creator of the show.

It is one of the largest motorcycle shows in the Shenandoah Valley.

Dozens of bike lovers brought in their motorcycles to showcase. Some were for sale, some were just for display.

"We're going to award them based on paint, and based on customization and that type thing. We also have an antique and a stock division here as well; these guys are all competing for that," adds Wilkins.

To complete the biker look, vendors sold chrome, leather, and even motorcycle parts.

Crowds even gave their dancing a whirl.

"This thing honors and tributes members and then we also have a Rolling Thunder raffle bike where we're raising money for the military, people that are newly injured," says Al Koster, a board member of Rolling Thunder.

One long time bike rider says it is all about the ride that makes the difference.

"Once you experience that going out and riding, it's not like riding in a car or traveling in a car. It's just so much more fun out there being on a motorcycle, four wheel spinning, and out there in the wind," says Donnie Unger, owner of Winchester's Ducati Dealership.

While this expo went from mild to wild, at the end of the day, it was all for a good cause.

Wilkins adds, "When this is all over, at the end of this event, I'm going to cut a check out of my personal take on this to the fight against cancer and designate that to the state here in the Shenandoah Valley."

The show also featured a bikini contest, a tattoo contest, and trophies were given to winning bikes.

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