Braggin Rights: North Hagerstown High School: Ms. Kimberly O'Kane's Classes

HAGERSTOWN, MD - If you didn't already know, Meteorologist Bryan Tolle is a substitute teacher at North Hagerstown High School during the week, besides bringing you Your4State Weather Forecast on WHAG, and he has had the pleasure of working with some fantastic kids over the past month.

Sunday's special edition of Braggin Rights goes to Ms. Kimberly O'Kane's Spring 2012 MOD 2 & 4 Honors Pre-Calculus Classes, and her MOD 3 Introduction to Algebra Class.

Meteorologist Bryan Tolle has been filling in for Ms. O'Kane for most of this month, and he has gotten to know these students pretty well, and he says it won't be the same not being in these classes on a daily basis!

Ms. O'Kane's MOD 2 - Honors Pre-Calculus Class  - Spring 2012

Ms. O'Kane's MOD 3 - Introduction to Algebra Class - Spring 2012

Ms. O'Kane's MOD 4 - Honors Pre-Calculus Class - Spring 2012

Thanks to Ms. O'Kane's Honors Pre-Calculus and Introduction to Algebra Classes from all of us here at WHAG News!

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