Breaking It Down: How Does The PA Voter ID Law Affect You?

FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA - Barbera Wadel is counting down the days until election day.

"I believe it's important to vote because we need to stand up for our rights and what we believe," says Wadel.

In Pennsylvania that right is becoming a little more difficult and in some cases confusing. Originally voters were asked to bring photo identification to the polls, but a judge recently ruled against that.
County Commissioner David Keller clarifies: "If you don't have your ID, you'll still be allowed to vote because of the recent court decision.  If it's your first time voting in the precinct, you'll be asked to provide a form of identification."

If you are a first time voter and don't have your identification handy, you'll be asked to go get it, or you'll have the option of filling out a provisional ballot.

The list of acceptable photo identification has expanded. It includes options such as PA drivers licenses, military ID's and photo identifications from an accredited public or private college.

But even though the keystone state is trying to be more flexible with voters, many still don't agree with the new policies.

"That's just another way of control and i think that's what's happening. There's a lot of controlling going on and i do think that's wrong. I think our rights have been taken from us slowly and shortly in a lot of different ways and that's just another way," adds Wadel.

But it won't keep her from showing up to the polls and exercising her right to vote.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident and you need more information or clarification on what to bring to the polls, you can visit Franklin County's website, or call the at (717) 261-3131.

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