Candidates Battle for WV US Senate Seat

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV - The General Elections are just a month away, and candidates fighting for the U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia gave their all at a local debate on the Shepherd University campus.

Elizabeth Grer, a Political Science major, says, "Whoever resonates the most with me will get my vote."

U.S. Senator (D-WV) Joe Manchin says, "I fight for West Virginia. I want this country to do so good, and I'm going to fight to do everything I can to bring people together. It's all about being an American. It's all about being a West Virginian."

He also says there's no stopping the United States, with an energy plan, healthcare and education system that works for everyone.

But John Raese, the Republican opponent, says the Senator's playing for the wrong team.

"When you have Barack Obama and you have Harry Reid, you have two people who are very, very anti-West Virginia in their stances on coal and their stances on energy," Raese says, "it's breaking the state of West Virginia."

A third independent candidate from the Mountain Party, Dr. Bob Baber, believes voters can relate with him best as an average West Virginian.

"I'm the only true Democrat in this race," Baber says, "That's what the Mountain Party is. We're here to speak for the people and for the environment. I'm just a common man. I'm going to spend less than $5000 on this campaign."

Panelists posed tough questions effecting West Virginians everyday concerning education, energy, healthcare and jobs.

Another student at the university, Timothy Leonard, says, "I wanted to hear both sides. I kind of already know who I'm going to vote for for Senate, but I just want to make sure that I get clarification for who I'm voting for, and why I'm voting for that particular candidate."

The presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney kicks off Wednesday night.

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