Candidates for Md. Governor's Race Campaign before Primary Elections

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - We caught up with two candidates on the democrats ballot for Governor in Maryland's primary election on Wednesday.

Ralph Jaffe is running on a unique, five principle campaign. He says, he refuses campaign money, and will only serve one term, without pay. He says he's running his campaign based on telling the truth and staying away from the paid lobbyists.

"If you don't adhere to these five principles you cannot be an ethical politician, and right now, I hate to tell you this, but we don’t have one ethical politician in this state. Not one. Because they don't observe the five principles," Jaffe said.

The long-time, untraditional teacher, has a budget of just $450, and believes he can change what he calls, a corrupt political landscape

"I'm running because I'm fed up. Let me repeat that, I'm fed up. With all the corruption in Maryland politics, and I’m not a citizen who just sits around and does nothing when he sees and injustices, I get involved," he said.

He says he's running on ethics, and again, trying to rid the system of corruption.
You can learn more about Jaffe's political opinions on his website, .

Also running for Governor on the Democrat’s ticket is Heather Mizuer.

She stopped by the WHAG studios on Wednesday to discuss her platform, and why she's running for governor.

As a small business owner herself, and a product of a middle class family, she says she understands what residents need from their governor, and she doesn't want to lead, she wants to serve.

"I’m running for Governor because I want to do the job. In the eight years I've been in the Maryland General Assembly, I’ve put a record of bringing people together to get big things done," Mizuer said.

She's also familiar with Western Maryland. She says before her run, she would come to Western Maryland once a week.

"Well, Western Marylanders are experiencing very much a strong need for economic redevelopment and job security and making sure that we have jobs that pay us a living wage. I want to make sure that we don’t just have a minimum wage in our state but that we have a living wage," she said.

She stopped in Frederick earlier Wednesday morning, she also spent time at Rooster Moon Cafe in Hagerstown before heading to Garret County later in the day.

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