Cars Vs. Bicycles: Accidents on the Rise

- FRONT ROYAL, Va. - With warmer weather, comes heavy traffic. This has created issues at two intersections in Front Royal.

The first one happened on May 23, 2014 where a 17-year old teenager was riding his bicycle on the intersection of Commerce Avenue and Manassas Street. The bicyclist did not follow the traffic light and ran into a car.

"It's more likely the summer the kids are out of school and everything; it's going to be a lot more kids on their bikes," said Officer Sam Keller of the Front Royal Police Department.

On June 2, 2014, a second accident happened at the intersection of Sixth Street and Belair Avenue. This time, a ten-year old boy on his bicycle was trying to cross the street when he ran into a car's front fender.

Luckily, both bicyclists suffered minor injuries.

"A lot of it I see from riding on the wrong side of the road. If you're riding on the wrong side of the road, you approach an intersection. The drivers typically are not looking for a moving vehicle," said Logan Felty, manager of Blue Ridge Bicycles.

The Front Royal Police Department is urging parents and young bicyclists to follow all traffic laws given both incidents were caused by the bicyclists themselves.

Keller added," I just want parents to be aware where their chilidren are and tell them to be aware of the crossings especially the busy intersections. We have a lot of traffic especially in the evening time."

If a traffic light is red or if there is a stop sign, all traffic must stop and that includes people riding bicycles. Police advise parents to warn their children of the most dangerous intersections.

Only certain counties in the State of Virginia require bikers to wear a helmet. For a list of these counties, click here.

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