Catnip's Story Reaches International Support

- MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Recently, WHAG brought you the devastating story of Catnip, a horse who was brutally strangled on its' family farm.

Catnip was laid to rest on Wednesday and just days later local, national and international support had Catnip’s owner overwhelmed with emotion.

It all started as a flyer of information posted on Facebook regarding Catnip’s condition and a description of the suspects. 

“From there is kind of went viral,” Catnip’s owner Kija Wilson said.

Wilson said she’s had an outpour of support with letters of condolences coming in and thousands of messages on Facebook.

“Messages on Facebook from people in Canada, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri all over the world,” Wilson said.

With more than 10,000 comments on Facebook and millions of shares, Wilson and her husband's award for the suspects has nearly doubled.

“One person contacted me yesterday and offered me a horse for example, you know, it was just for a companion horse,” Wilson added.

Wilson said someone else donated money to the Valley Equine to help pay for Catnip's medical expenses.

As word spreads, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department said those responsible will surely come forward soon due to the social media outpour, flyers posted around town and people out on a daily basis looking for them.

“We got three branches of the department working on it,” Sheriff Kenny Lemaster said. “ With all the public exposure, both with the media and the social media, a lot of word has gotten out of Catnip.”

Lemaster said a lot of people have shown their concern.

“I hear it's going outside of our immediate area, so somewhere somehow someone knows something or going to let it slip then were going to find out,” Lemaster said.

Throughout it all Wilson said she isn’t going to give up hope.

“People's reception to try to stop this crime is phenomenal and very appreciated,” Wilson said.  

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