Community Helps WPD Honor Fallen Officers


WINCHESTER, Va. - When Sergeant Ricky Lee Timbrook was killed in the line of duty in 1999, the Winchester Police Department  unfortunately had no honor guard to perform at his funeral. On Monday, the department was marching to a different tune.

Thanks to donations from the Exchange Club of Winchester, Kiwanis Club and the Winchester/Frederick County Law Enforcement Foundation, WPD has been able to fully outfit four officers for their first ever honor guard.

"I receive requests almost weekly from community members asking if an honor guard can participate in an event,” said Lauren Cummings, a spokesperson for the department. “It's really nice to be able to fulfill that now in our community."

"With this unit here, we work very well together. We're very lucky to be apart of this," said Trey Rounds, an officer with the department, and one of the four founding WPD Honor Guard members.

The other three members of the honor guard include Lieutenant Mark Lahman, Sergeant Wayne Monse and Corporal Glenn Macher.

Despite being new to their duties, the honor guard has already been practicing. Three of the four officers attended a three day honor guard seminar hosted by Fairfax County in June. While they were there, they got to practice one of their most important performances: the ceremonial duties required at the funeral of a fallen soldier.

"The flag fold that's presented to the family is what really gets to me,” said Rounds. “I think it's very special experience, especially for the family, presenting her, or him, with the flag of that fallen officer."

A full honor guard consists of six individuals, as it takes six men to carry a casket. The Winchester Police Department is seeking an additional $1,800 to cover the cost of two more uniforms, and complete their six person honor guard.

"We're really humbled to be apart of this,” said Rounds. “[We’re] very excited to get out into the community and show them what we've learned so far. We just want to get two more people added, so we can finally be full."

Aside from funerals, honor guards can perform at any high profile or special events, including ceremonies, memorial services and parades.

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