County & Vol. Fire Co. Venture Sparks "Groundbreaking" Ideas


FREDERICK COUNTY, Va. - Since the 1990's, Round Hill Community Volunteer Fire Company has been working towards a new fire house. Now, with a little help from the county, it is finally happening.

"[It] makes it almost impossible for any one of the two entities to be able to do it on their own,” said Chester Lauck, the county’s Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator, of the joint project. “And even with the proffer from the developers, the land and the cash, it still made it quite a project."

To complete the project, Round Hill has pledged $1.7 million, while Frederick County is contributing more than $3 million.

"They obviously don't have the wherewithal or the financial capacity to do both the building and replace equipment," said County Administrator, John Riley, one of the first visionaries to recognize the potential for the two to work together.

The new 16,000 square foot station will have a number of upgrades from the current station, which is more than 50 years old.

"It’s going to have separate bunk rooms. It's going to have men’s facilities, women’s facilities. It's going to have administrative offices. It's going to have operational offices," said Rodney Snapp, the Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief of Round Hill.

Part of the project is dedicated to also building an events center.

"We’re going to be able to do fundraisers. We have bingo on Monday nights, so we'll be holding those there. We may look at the option of renting it out to the community," said Snapp.

The new buildings aren't only fresh ideas. This is the first time the county has helped one of their volunteer stations build a new fire house.

"It helps us on working on a relationship that may have been lacking in years past, so this is a big deal. It's not history, but it sets the future for further things to come," said Lauck.

It's a future partnership, which if all goes as planned, other volunteer fire companies will be able to benefit from too.

Frederick County has 11 fire and rescue companies, all of which operate on a combined part-volunteer, part-staff system.

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