Crowded Closet Shoe Drive Brings in Tons of Shoes

- HAGERSTOWN, Md. - Think you have a ton of shoes hanging out in your closet? The Free Community Clinic of Washington County literally has tons of shoes.

Sneakers, sandals, boots, nothing designer, but still; all paired up and wearable and all donated by the community.

The Free Community Clinic of Washington County is holding a Crowded Closet Shoe Drive. Their goal? To get one ton of shoes. And they completely exceeded that goal.

"Because of the effort and the word spreading through the community, we've actually received about two tons of shoes," said Robin Roberson, executive director of the clinic.

"It's just amazing the response from the community that we've had. When you see the shoes, it's like, 'Oh my gosh, are there any left anywhere?' Which you know there are. So it's been fun," said Betty Smith, RN.

The workers at the clinic, like Betty, have helped for months; pairing up shoes, rubber banding them and packing them into bags to go to storage. Although it hasn't always been pleasant.

"It's been fun, sometimes a little stinky! But fun!" Bruce Brooks, LPN, said.

All of the donated shoes will get cleaned and redistributed to third world countries, or re-purposed and recycled for things like tires. Either way, workers at the Free Community Clinic said they're keeping the shoes out of landfills.

The last day to collect dry shoes is Thursday, July 17.

This drive is in response to their annual MUDD volleyball tournament, where they would take muddy shoes and donate them after the game.

They'll do that again this year, in addition to all of the dry shoes they've collected. And that volleyball game is on Saturday, July 19, at 18608 Henson Blvd. in Hagerstown.

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