Cruz Sentenced to 32 Years in Prison in Deadly House Fire

- WINCHESTER, Va. - A Winchester mother, Sherry Cruz, was sentenced to serve 32 years in prison Monday in connection to the death of her two-year-old son, Christian. 

Cruz was charged with setting a fire inside her home that killed her son last June. 

As we've reported, Cruz was convicted in March 2014 for setting her North Kent Street apartment on fire on June 18, 2013. At the time, Cruz had been living in the tiny one-bedroom apartment with her five children and boyfriend. 

The jury sentenced Cruz to 25 years for murder and seven years for arson to be served consecutively, equaling a total of 32 years. Cruz was also sentenced to one year in prison on one count of child abuse in connection to the death of Christian to be served as part of the 32 year sentence. 

The jury also sentenced Cruz to four years in prison in Prince William County, Va., for a probation violation, equaling a total of 36 years. 

In connection to the other three charges of child abuse, Cruz was sentenced to serve three years of probation following her sentence.

Cruz was facing a minimum of 25 years and a maximum sentencing of life in prison. Because the jury sentenced Cruz to a total of 36 years the judge could not give her more than that. 

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