Damaged Buildings from January Piedmont Fire Linger


PIEDMONT, W.Va. - A fire that was ruled accidental occurred earlier this year in Piedmont, damaging several buildings in the town. Some of those buildings are hanging on telephone lines, and a street has been blocked off.

"After a few hours it came around behind the library," said Denny Powers, a resident. "(It) just took out all the buildings."

However, the accident happened back in January 2014. 

"It's been about seven months now," said a resident, who did not want his name released. "It shouldn't take this long to get a building demolished."

"We've been trying to contact the state to see if there's any funds just to get it cleaned up," Powers said. "We really need it cleaned up and we just can't get the money together. Piedmont doesn't have the money to be able to pay for it up front."

Powers owns a building across the street and has been attending city meetings regarding the situation.

City officials declined to speak on camera but released a statement stating, "At this time the City of Piedmont is preparing to take the necessary actions to eliminate the immediate danger to the citizens and visitors of Piedmont. We are following the guidelines of the international property maintenance code as adopted by the ordinance by the City of Piedmont."

Residents said not only has it taken months to get the issue resolved, but they're also concerned with the safety issues that follow.

"During a wind storm, a piece of glass came out of one of the broken windows and flew across the road," Powers added, "It's been a definite hazard."

One city commissioner said they've been in touch with the Governor's office and the State Fire Marshal's office, but nobody has been able to help them out.

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