WASHINGTON COUNTY, Md - A special meet and greet with Maryland politicians and the community took place in Western Maryland on Thursday afternoon.

Many politicians running in this year's elections gathered for the annual Washington County Democratic Picnic at the Red Men Club in Williamsport.

State Senator Brian Frosh talked with the community and discussed his campaign for Attorney General.

"I have 28 years of experience in the General Assembly as a delegate and as a senator. I've chaired the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee which has jurisdiction over the issues that are at the core of the responsibilities of the Attorney General," Frosh said regarding why he thinks he is the best candidate.

When asked about his future plans if he is elected into office Senator Frosh said, "I can say that I am going to be a zealous advocate for consumers, a zealous advocate for protecting the environment, a zealous advocate to protect senior citizens and to protect the civil liberities of everyone in the state of Maryland."

Frosh has also been a lawyer for more that 35 years and says that he believes this experience may give him the edge in the upcoming elections.

"The Attorney General represents every state agency, every department board task force and commission, defends the state when it gets sued, and brings suit on behalf of the people of the state of Maryland. In short, I view the Attorney General as the people's lawyer, and that's why I aspire to the job," Senator Frosh told us.

Frosh will face Republican Jeffrey Pritzker and Libertarian Leo Wayne Dymowski on November 4th.

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