Disabled Veterans Hike 142 Mile Trail to Raise Money

HARPERS FERRY, WV - Not everyone can say they have hiked a 142 mile trail in freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and even with numerous physical injuries.

"I haven't had the the greatest life," says Richard Shain, who is now a disabled veteran.

He had a troubled background but being in jail changed his life.

"I had a drug and alcohol problem pretty badly and I walked away from my family, "adds Shain.

One thing he did not walk away from was his idea of hiking 142 miles in snowstorms and ice cold temperature.

A man responded to Shain's post on Craig's List saying he would join in on the hike.

"We each have our physical disabilities to overcome and weather and of course it snowed a lot," says Bryan Scozzaro, who accompanied Shain on the hike.

Both men suffered from numerous injuries as disabled veterans and nothing was a better match.

This idea began with his wife receiving an unexpected care package from an organization in Wisconsin during her time in Afghanistan.

"Just familiar sites and tastes at home, knowing that when you're out in the middle of nowhere, there's people that's actually thinking about you," says Shain's wife, Kristie.

It was an organization called "A Soldier's Wish List" and she just so happened to be a lucky recipient.

"Her and her husband had retired many years back and their son, I think went to Iraq and they started sending care packages at that time just to random soldiers. Now I think she's up to 196 soldiers that she's sent care packages to and my wife happened to be one of them," adds Shain.

In return, Richard started a fundraiser called "Packages for Heroes" to give back to the organization by hiking.

This trail has taught him one lesson he wishes to carry on.

Shain says, "Do stuff for the right, not for personal gain or loss."

Lucky to say, Richard Shain has raised almost $3,000 to give back the "A Soldiers Wish List" organization.

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