Dry Skin

It is cold outside! The air is dry and the heat is on...all of which can lead to dry chapped skin and eczema. Babies, toddlers and young children often get dry, red, chapped cheeks, noses and mouths. ;Having a cold or cough when you're constantly wiping a runny nose, only makes things worse. Eczema also can be found in areas behind knees, in the creases of the elbow and on the trunk as well. These areas tend to be itchy and scratching just causes more inflammation. The vicious cycle of itch-scratch seems to be worse in the winter. Your family needs a winter skin care routine! Start by bathing your child with a mild, hypoallergenic soap. After bathing, pat them dry but leave them a tad bit damp. Apply a good, thick mositurizer to the damp skin. This will increase absorption. I recommend Cetaphil, Aquaphor, Eucerin and Cereva. These creams and lotions all contain ceramides, so look for this key ingredient on the labels. Apply moisturizer twice a day. If your child's skin continues to be red, rough and inflamed, try using an over the counter steroid cream. Winter is tough on young skin. If your child's skin continues to be red, inflamed and uncomfortable, it may be time to see your pediatrician to try a prescription steroid or moisturizer. I'm Dr. Sue with The Kid's Doctor helping parent take charge.

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