Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show Postponed

FRANKLIN COUNTY, PA- It seems almost everyone has a strong feeling in regard to gun control but now the debate has even affected the Eastern Sport and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg.

After they decided certain weapons would be banned from the event, some local companies put their foot down.

"We felt like it was an attack on the second amendment," says Allison Trobaugh, with Gutntag.

"We stand with the second amendment and with all those who support it," says Marshall Hill, owner of Bullsbag.com. "We're patriots and we're going to do what everybody else does to support our second amendment rights, and if that means and if that mean's we're going to lose some money we're going to do it."

"I think it shows that we as hunters and outdoors men we all band together," says Joe Trobaugh, owner of Gutntag. "We take that very seriously."

After several vendors, who are not gun manufacturers, announced they wouldn't participate in the event organizers postponed the show indefinitely.

"Our purpose was not to get the show cancelled," says Allison. "But to take a stand and say we believe in the second amendment."

Vendors in the four-state region say they decided to boycott the show before the announcement was made. They say it's not about the money but the principle behind the decision.

"That's a large part of our capital for the year," says Joe. "What we make out that show helps us go to other shows and keep things going for the year so it affected us greatly."

"Based on our annual revenues this show generates about 5 percent to the gross sales of our retail business and its a big number," says Hill.

The show was scheduled to take place February 2-10 in Harrisburg.

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