Economic Impact Of PGA Will Be Felt Statewide

More than 200,000 people from around the world will visit Oak Hill Country Club to watch the 95th PGA Championship.  The State of New York helped cover the cost of hosting the event.  New York Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy, (D), says that invest will pay off with about a 78 to 1 return, "there's a $78 million dollar economic impact from this event from restaurants and taxis and hotels to families parking cars all around the course," explained Duffy.

Tuesday night the "Taste of New York," moved into the media dining hall.  Journalists from around the globe sampled New York's finest wines, spirits, beers, yogurts and foods, "this is an opportunity to introduce, to really the rest of the world, so many things that our region has to offer, all the fine New York wines and all the culinary treats that we have, even Nick Tahou's is here in the tent," explained NY State Senator Ted O'Brien, (D) 55th District.

"It looks like we're a hit so far," explained Alex Tahou, Owner of Nick Tahou Hots, "the people are eating us out of house and home."
Nothing screams, "Rochester," quite like a garbage plate from Nick Tahou's, "most people are asking what it is and then they find out what it is and they want to try it because it tastes better than it sounds," explained Tahou.

The hope is once people get a taste of New York, they'll come back for seconds.

Tuesday night's "Taste of New York" event was just for the media, but there is a "Taste of New York" tent next to the merchandise center at Oak Hill Country Club.  The tent is open to the public.

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