Emergency Shut Down After 24-Inch Water Main Break


CUMBERLAND, Md. - The City of Cumberland's Water Department issued an emergency water shut down after a 24-inch water main break early Wednesday morning. 

“When I opened my front door I looked down the street and their was a car in the road in the hole. I do not know if the water broke. I do not know what happened but the car was pretty much  under water and there was mud all over the street and the road was busted up,” said Nikki Dehl, resident.

“He was parked there and unfortunately when the main break broke, the car went into the sinkhole,” said David Curry, Operations Manager for Public Works City of Cumberland. “No one was driving and it was just a parked car."

Dispatchers said two families were evacuated from their homes, and several streets in the surrounding area were closed. The City of Cumberland issued an emergency shutdown on water supply.

In the afternoon, water was restored to full pressure for residents in the area except for the two homes that were evacuated.

"The only road closed at this time is Decatur street due to construction and repair of the water main, everything else is open,” said Curry.

And street crews were rushing to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

“Street repairs and car repairs will take a little longer, they will put a temporary patch in and things should be settled back to normal through tomorrow,” said Curry.

The City is advising residents that 25 to 30 hydrants will be open for approximately one week to aid in moving air through and reducing stress on the water system due to the water main break, and work being done on the Fort Hill  Reservoir. 

Officials are urging residents to avoid the area.

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