EMS Volunteers Prepare For PGA Championship

- The Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance receives 3,000 calls for service each year.

Pretty much the entire staff donates their time. The ambulance service will serve as the lead EMS agency for the PGA Championship in August. The event is expected to draw about 50,000 people a day. Chris Forsyth is Director of Operations for the Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance.

"Events like this are normally handled by large national EMS agencies. Here in Pittsford we have the volunteer support we need to be able to provide a better service than these agencies for an event like this," said Forsyth.

It's taken months of planning and lots of coordination. Pittsford will oversee the roughly 80 medical personnel. It will include EMTs, paramedics, and physicians. Ninety percent of those are volunteers.

"Still 90-percent coverage of 80 personnel for an event like this is really an amazing statement of the volunteerism in the City of Rochester as well as in the Town of Pittsford," said Forsyth.

It takes volunteers and loads of supplies.

"This is probably quadruple what we would go through in a month," explained Forsyth as he pointed out the number of bandages they will have on hand.

Supplies alone cost more than $100,000 said Forsyth. He said Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance will get a PGA donation, but they budgeted for the extra costs. They also did fundraising to help out. Forsyth said they chose to be in charge, which allows them to showcase their talented staff.

"It's been a learning experience for sure, we are looking forward to it," said Forsyth.

Even though the Pittsford volunteer ambulance is putting lots of its resources to the PGA championship, it's still prepared to answer calls for service in the town. Forsyth said they are prepared for heat, injuries, and even potential acts of terrorism.

"The Boston bombing really brought things into light for us about events like this that normally have not been targets for people like that," said Forsyth.

Or even a baby.

"I don't want anyone to go into labor on the golf course but if they do we really have to be ready for that to happen,” said Forsyth.

Over the next couple of weeks, crews will finalize their schedules and finish stocking supplies.

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