Fans Keep Popular Playhouse Open

FRANKLIN COUNTY- A quarter of a million dollars in 30 years days - that was the deadline to keep Totem Pole Playhouse open.

"I was an intern here 20 years ago," says Nathan Rotz with the theater. "I was thinking to myself what a shame 20 years later for this playhouse to close."

After 62 seasons the playhouse faced possible closure if they didn't come up with $250,000 fast. The results came in a month later.

"We didn't expect that we would exceed our goal to the level that we did," says Rotz.
They exceeded it by raising $334,000 through various fundraisers and donations.

"If you look at the history of Totem Pole there's always been a group of small people that have saved Totem Pole or have kept it in operation," says Rotz. "So we're in line with our historic roots."

And with the significant amount of money that was raised to help keep the playhouse open for the 2013 season, playhouse officials say they hope to give back a little extra to the community.

"Four musicals in a season, it's never been done here in the 62 years of history where 4 musicals have been produced in one season because it's very difficult to pull off," says Rotz.

Playhouse officials say Totem Pole is a staple in the community, providing artistic experiences everyone can learn from.

The 63rd season is currently being planned and will be announced next month.

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