Fans Pleased Overall With 2013 PGA Championship

- The PGA may not get an official report card but we took our own poll and fans from across the course had a hard time finding flaws with the way things were done.

From the merchandise tent to the transportation, people have nothing but pleasant things to say about the PGA championship this year.

"He got me this t-shirt and this lanyard and I got this hat," eight-year-old Olivia Premo touted.

"We get on a shuttle, we came here quick. When we go to leave, we are out of here quick," Eric Premo said.

If you do not believe us, Phil Marsh knows what he is talking about. He is an event director that covered the winter Olympics in Vancouver.

"I actually have been taking notes the last couple of days for a little article for when I get home on event coordinating and this has been one of the best, structured, organized events where I have been at," he said.

Hats off to the thousands of volunteers who helped make the 95th PGA Championship possible.

"I would give an A-plus really to the volunteers," Mary Tripp of Florida said.

"Everybody has been wonderful. It's been a great experience. I have nothing ill to say about this whole thing. It's really been nice," Scott Tripp said.

As for the downpour on Thursday morning? Well, that did not stop the Oak Hill grounds crews or PGA.

"In fact, we couldn't believe how great everything was yesterday after all the rain before," Mary said.

Although the crowds were huge, people kept on moving.

"They did a really good job. It's pretty awesome. There's not too much congestion. It's nice you get around pretty good and it's not too crowded so they did a good job," Rachel Wanless said.

It was an event that should make PGA, Oak Hill and Rochester proud.

"I would have to say A-plus [be]cause it's just been spectacular," Sam Maxwell said.

"I like that it's sort of active and fun and it's like not too loud and no one is chanting and it's just quiet," Olivia said.

Some people said the price of food was a little high. Other than that, it looks like the 95th PGA Championship was an absolute success.

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