Man Sentenced in 2012 Fatal Md. 75 Crash

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - Driving next to a tractor trailer can make some uneasy, and in November of 2012, the nightmare of being in an accident with a tractor-trailer came to life for Hector Henriquez and Jose Diaz.

"When we arrived the truck had already overturned on top of a pickup truck. We had two deceased occupants within the pickup truck," said Sgt. John McGee, with Maryland State Police, who served on the crash-team at the scene of the accident.

On Monday, Watson Pierre, who was driving a vehicle that was not registered to operate commercially in the State of Maryland, was found guilty of two counts of criminally negligent vehicular man slaughter. According to court documents, Pierre was going too fast and was not authorized to be on that section of Md. 75.

"That section of the roadway is limited to trucks that are under 12.5 feet high and 48 feet long," explained McGee.

Although the fatal accident was caused by the driver of the tractor-trailer, officials said there are certain things drivers of passenger vehicles can do to stay safe, such as staying focused on the road.

"People are texting, not paying attention, just running off the road," said a tow manager with Kennedy's Service Center.

Officials said another tip is to avoid rubber necking.

"Just stay out of the way. If something doesn't look right, don't go investigate. Just stay back, call the police, we'll go check it out," said McGee.

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