Father's Day

They are our heros....they kill spiders, teach us how to swim and inspire us to the best we can be...they are our fathers.

Pediatrician and author Dr. Meg Meeker knows this very well.  Her best selling book "Strong Fathers Strong Daughters" changed the way many father's approach their role as a parent.

Dr. Meg Meeker says "what she tried to do in Strong Fathers Strong Daughters was allow dads a peek at themselves from behind their daughters eyes and I really think that worked because what I heard from dads was I never realized how huge I was in my daughter's eyes."

Dr. Meeker's follow up companion book "Strong Fathers Strong Daughters the 30 Day Challenge" offers dads daily motivation to be the man every girl looks up to.

"I really wrote this so that men can take a little bite of something in a day and lead them to have a challenge and to know exactly what to do with their daughters so its really a road map to the original book."

Dr. Sue has talked to thousands of dads over the years and know they often struggle with their relationship with their daughter...sometimes they are at a loss for words and feel like they are critical instead of encouraging.

Meeker says "in order to effectively communicate with her you need to understand what she is perceiving on your words body language tone of voice.  Soften it quiet it down slow it down and use more words."

The most important piece of advice starts with the belief that dads are the most important man in every girl's life.  It's a big responsibility but we know you fathers are up to the challenge!  

To all the dads who are watching, I encourage you to challenge yourself and be the man your daughter looks up to. Happy Father's Day.  

I'm Dr. Sue with The Kid's Doctor helping parents... especially dads this week....take charge.

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