Fear of Shots

It's every child's nightmare...getting a shot at the doctor's office.

It breaks my heart every time I see those crocodile tears running down a precious face.  What's a parent to do?

I know it may FEEL like every time your child visits the doctor they have to get a shot, but this is not the reality. 

So how can you help ease your child's fear of the doctor?  Start by letting your child know what they can expect at their visit. 

Tell them the doctor will listen to their heart. Have them practice saying ahhh so we can take a peek at their throat.  We'll also look in their ears and nose.

Tell them the doctor will check how tall they are and weigh them too.  Make sure you also let your child know the doctor will check their arms, legs and touch their belly.

Have your child bring their favorite toy or lovey with them...these are good distractions.

Don't forget to celebrate your child's bravery!  Reward them by going out and doing something fun together!  Your child has earned it.

One thing you should never do...lie to your child.  Yes a shot hurts but tell them it will be over quickly and remind them of how big and strong they're getting and how proud you are of them!

I'm Dr. Sue with The Kid's Doctor helping parents take charge.

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