Several companies in the 4-State promote wellness in the workplace

Honest Tea and Hub Labels have weekly fitness classes and promote healthy eating

Bethesda, MD - Companies across the four-state find that it's important to promote healthy lifestyles and wellness in the workplace.

Encouraging employees to be active during the day leads to higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction.

Hub Labels - a label printing company based in Hagerstown - took home silver this year by winning the Wellness in the Workplace Award at the Annual Maryland Workplace Health and Wellness Symposium.

"Wellness, to me, is more than just exercise and fitness," Thomas Dahbura, the president of Hub Labels said. "It's also your spiritual wellness and how happy you feel about who you are. So, some of the cool things we do are outreach programs in the community."

Hub Labels volunteers at local elementary schools and other locations around the community.

There's an entire committee of employees dedicated to workplace wellness initiatives.

Initiatives include volunteer work, exercise classes every Tuesday and Thursday, and even healthy cooking classes.

"They [employees] have to make the choice to change their lifestyle," Pam Kunkle, the HR Specialist and Head of the Wellness Committee said. "We provide everything that we can for them to be able to do that."

Ten years ago, the office gym opened.

It went from a small room to a complete workout space.

Employees said this changes their attitudes and motivation.

"We work a lot," Carrie Aaron, the HR Manager said, "To provide an outlet to employees to release some positive energy definitely helps the moral of our employees."

Kunkle said moving forward, she would like to see more healthy cooking classes and healthy vending machines pop up around the office.

Other companies across the 4-State also recognize the importance of workplace wellness - including Honest Tea.

"Whatever we can do to address the whole employee, not just when they're here 9-5," Seth Goldman, the TEA-EO of Honest Tea said, "Helping them move to a better exercise regime, to help have balance with their families - all of those things count as wellness."

Once a week, Honest Tea clears the floors of desks and chairs and holds fitness classes complete with a trainer.

The classes range from yoga to boot camp.

"Which is a pretty intense exercise", said James Gleason, the public relations associate of Honest Tea, "they're running all throughout the office. They clear away the desks. They run up and down the stairs and people really seem to love it."

Tea-EO Seth Goldman even installed a shower in the bathroom so employees don't have an excuse not to participate.

"We do provide a health coach so that if an employee is struggling with any aspect of wellness, it may be sleep, it may be diet or exercise... The wellness coach is available," Goldman said.

"You don't get so much of that slump in the middle of the day," Gleason said. "They encourage us to take calls while walking and eat healthy. There's lots of vegetarian options, fresh fruits, and vegetables for lunch. So, I feel like you eat better, you feel better, and then as a result you work better."

According to a study by the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism, workers that participate in workplace wellness programs are more likely to have a higher level of job satisfaction, feel happier with their employer and be more satisfied overall.

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