Former Coca-Cola Plant May be Designated Historic Landmark

- FREDERICK, Md. - Just six years ago a building located on N. Market Street was a functioning plant for one of America's most beloved soft drinks, Coca-cola.

Fast forward to today, and the now empty Coke plant is in the midst of a battle to be declared historic.

"In my professional opinion looking at the criteria of the designation it meets two of those criteria," said Lisa Mroszczyk-Murphy, the historic preservation planner for the historic preservation commission in Frederick.

The HPC voted this week 4-1 to push for historic status. A move before a potential developer takes over the property.

By contrast, some Frederick residents think it would be a boost for the local economy to put a commercial establishment where the property is.

"I think they would probably do better to commercialize it and have some businesses there and make good use of that site," said Sandra Blakeman, a Frederick County resident.

"I hope they do something cool with it because its on my street, and Frederick is growing and prospering and I hope that it's another example of making it better," said Randy Delsack, a Frederick resident.

The planning commission will revisit the matter on March 10, 2014 before moving forward with the mayor and the Board of Aldermen.

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