Former NASA astronaut visits Bester Elementary, time capsule retrieved

HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- It was a big day for students at Bester Elementary School. Former NASA Astronaut Don Thomas spoke to fourth and fifth-grade students about his time in space and the importance of chasing dreams.

School officials said speakers like Thomas help students not only learn, but start thinking about the future.

"It’s important to set dreams. Not just thinking about today, but what they aspire to become," said Bester Elementary School Principal Kristi Bachtell.

As students were thinking about the future, the school turned to the past. Students relocated a time capsule that was placed in a former school building by students in 1988.

"When we took that old building down to move to the building we are currently in, we retrieved that from the building and we had been waiting for the right time to bury it." Bachtell said. 

Time will reveal what paths students will take, as well as the contents of the time capsule. Principal Bachtell said the capsule will be opened in 2030. Until then, it will be buried in a courtyard at the new campus, with a marker for people to visit. 

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