Fourth Annual Fly It Forward Celebrates Women In Aviation

- FREDERICK, Md.--The fourth annual Fly It Forward event took off this weekend in hopes of promoting women in aviation.

At Frederick Municipal Airport, local women in aviation got together on Saturday with one common goal: Teaching young girls flying planes isn't just a guy thing.
"Six percent of the pilot population are women, and we really need to get more because we make darn good pilots," said Sandra Feliciano, a licensed pilot.

With Women of Aviation World Wide Week in March, the Frederick branch of the Ninety-nines, a world wide organization that promotes opportunities in aviation for women, offered free plane rides for girls during the Fly It Forward event.

"Its great that we're allowing this event to be focusing just on women and allowing women to have the free flights today," said Lin Caywood, the Fly It Forward event organizer.

The Frederick chapter, also called the Sugar Loaf Ninety Nines, flew around 100 girls. Each flight went to either Harpers Ferry, West Virginia or Carroll County, Maryland, an estimated twenty minutes round trip.

"It was exhilerating. It was really fun. I didn't know it would be like that. Like it felt weightless. You could see everything. It was really cool," said Jordan Brown, a participant.

Planes flown included, sesnas, pipers, bonanzas and a helicopter.

"We had a variety of planes. Its all about women and empowerment for women and letting them know that the sky is the limit for them," said Caywood.

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