Frederick Co. Sheriff's Office Alerts Public of Recent Scams

- FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. - We hear about it all the time, the different telemarketing scams that many people fall for. Now, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public after recent scams have hit the community.

It can start with a phone call, an e-mail, or it may even be solicited through the mail. Different scams target people of all ages, and some four-state residents said they are warning others after receiving too many of these phony phone calls and e-mails.

"They do sound real and believable, and there are people out there that might think, 'Oh well this is real', and they might give them too much information. Before it's too late, they could be bankrupt, broke. You know, you never know what could happen," said Greg Sterner II of Frederick County, Maryland. 

For Sterner, he said the calls are irritating. He said they can range from requesting personal and social security information, to demanding cash. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is now alerting the public about a new recent scam.

“In this particular instance, Vacation Destinations would not provide a good phone number or good supervisor contact. The phone number they called from wasn’t a good number to call back on, so we just want citizens to be aware these scams are out there,” said Dfc. Amanda Hatcher of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

For some, the calls are threatening and the callers are intimidating when they state the consequences if you’re not willing to comply.

“You’re going to jail, prepare for it, and tell everyone because we want our money,” said Donna Sterner of Frederick County, Maryland. 

The Sheriff’s Office is reminding the public not to give out any personal information, that a legitimate business will never ask for it out of the blue. They said if you do have questions or concerns to call your local police department.

Frederick County residents can contact the Sheriff’s Office at (301)-600-1046.

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