Frederick County Public Schools Implement Security System


WINCHESTER, Va. - Frederick County Public Schools were among several Virginia schools to receive a grant in improving school security last year.

Recently, the new system has been implemented.

It starts with the touch of a button, meant to prevent another tragedy from happening again.

Installed in February, all 11 elementary schools in the county now have a buzz-in system.

"Safety and security is an ongoing issue and something that we continue to address overtime. We learn a little bit everyday," said Steve Edwards, Frederick County Public Schools policy coordinator.

Visitors now have to go through several steps before they are even allowed into the hallways.

"The idea behind the buzz-in system that we've implemented is to create layers of security, so the initial layer is that call box outside which can grant you access into the vestibule. The second layer is from the vestibule into the office," adds Edwards.

Once the visitor is granted access into the main entrance, they still have to be allowed into the office. From the office, they must sign in and grab a sticker stating their name.

The secretary has a video monitor on her desk displaying different angles of the school, allowing her to see who is outside before letting anyone inside the building.

The faculty at Greenwood Elementary School says the additional safety has made them feel more at ease.

"Obviously when you have a security feature like a buzz-in system in place, it can delay things from occurring and it is a nice safety feature to have in place. It's one less thing to worry about," said Kris Waldrop, school principal of Greenwood Elementary.

One mother agrees, saying school shootings have worried her.

"He definitely feels a lot safer and more at ease when he comes to school knowing that the office stuff is being diligent," said Janine King, mother of a nine-year old.

The total cost for the project was approximately $273,000. School officials say middle schools and high schools did not need this feature because they already have resource officers.

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