Front Door Rule

Being a parent, you know how much your children can educate you on topics that are part of every day life and not listed in the parenting books! When it comes to the digital world, you probably struggle keeping up with the latest trends. It's amazing to see how quickly young children can use a cellphone or tablet! Facebook, twitter, instagram, texting all consume our children's daily lives. The average teen sends 3,400 texts a month which is more than 100 a day. Many learn the hard way that once they hit "send" button there is no such thing as "erase" button. The American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging every parent to monitor their child's digital behavior. One of the most important discussions you will have with your children should be about cyber safety. Start with The Front Door Rule. What is it? This is a rule that is easily understood by any aged child. Tell your child: before they send an email, a text, post a picture or tweet, they should say to themselves: would I want this posted on my front door for my parents and everyone to see like a neighbor or delivery person? Tell your kids: if you do not want everyone to see it, then you should not be sending it! Easy to remember don't you think? Talk with your kids about The Front Door Rule. Remember if you can't put it on the front door then re-think your text or picture before you hit send. I'm Dr. Sue with TKD helping parents take charge.

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