Frostburg State University; Open Sexual Violence Investigations

- WHAG NEWS - Frostburg State University is one of 55 colleges/universities on a federal list released by the White House with open "sexual violence investigations," officials say. 

Last week, the White House kicked off a Task Force and released guidelines for universities to help combat sexual assaults on campus.

Some guidelines included, why many colleges and universities need to act in the first place. They say one in five women are sexually assaulted in college, and most often it's by someone the victim knows. Most of the time the assault does not get reported. 

In the release it states the President created the "Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault" to turn this tide. The name of their new website, indicates they're all here to tell sexual assault survivors that they are not alone. And that they're also here to help schools live up to their obligation to protect students from sexual violence. 

Frostburg State University released a statement, "Frostburg State University has cooperated fully with the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. However, federal law prevents FSU from publicly commenting on any details pending the outcome of OCR's review. FSU is aware that the review is a result of a complaint filed with OCR related to an off-campus incident which was adjudicated by the University in 2013."

FSU also stated they recognize the severity of the issue, and they strive continuously to improve their policies and processes to prevent sexual assault, address the needs of the victims, and redress the responsible parties. 

For more information on the White House guidelines released, click here

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