Gansler Campaigns for Governor

- FREDERICK, Md. - Maryland Attorney General, Doug Gansler, was in Frederick campaigning as he looks to become the next Governor of Maryland.

Gansler hosted a breakfast downtown Tuesday morning with some of his supporters.

He said, as Governor he'll focus on job creation, education and the environment.

He said, Western Maryland is an area of great importance to focus on, and he’s looking to bring manufacturing jobs back to the area as well.

“The 40 taxes in a row that this administration, the Brown and O'Malley administration has done, impacts Western Maryland more than any other parts of the state, because of the boarder states West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, are so close so we have to make sure we have a governor for all of Maryland, particularly Western Maryland,” said Gansler.

On education, Gansler said, “People say we have the number one schools in the country, but we have the number two rural and minority achievement gap and we really need to focus on that so regardless if you live in Western Maryland or Montgomery County you have access to the same top quality schools.”

And he had this to say about keeping the environment a top priority, “Western Maryland has all of it waterways under mercury alert. The air is very low quality to breathe, and we need to make sure we continue to have an environmental Attorney General become an environmental Governor.”

The Maryland Gubernatorial and Lieutenant Governor primary elections will be held on June 24.

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