Get a Sneak Peek at the New Linganore High School

FREDERICK COUNTY, MD - A new public high school will open next week in Frederick County, Md.  

Linganore High School has has received a $73-million makeover and will open in the fall as the the 10th public high school in the county.

"For two years, Linganore High School students attended Linganore High School at the Oakdale High School building," says David Kehne, the Linganore High School principal.  "So this fall Frederick County will have two new high schools."

The original Linganore High School went up in 1962.  The new one has 250,000 square feet and can fit all 1,600 students inside.

Students going to Oakdale High School have been redistricted.

"It's an unusual project because for the first time," says Kehne.  "An original school building was demolished on site and a new school building went up right in its place."

One of the new green features of LHS are permeable sidewalks, it goes around most of that building's perimeter.

"We're one of the two buildings identified by the state to receive solar panels," adds Kehne.  

Students can wait to hit these halls for the first day of school, next Monday.

"I'm excited," says Kelsea Ayers, a LHS senior.  "I'm ready to do senior pranks, all that senior stuff and I can't wait to be back in our school."

LHS parents, family, and students are invited to attend "Back-To-School Night" on August 19 at 6 p.m.

The county has more than 12,000 students in its high schools.

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