Guide To Golf Etiquette

- Practice rounds are over and it is a whole different course when it comes to what is appropriate and what is not.

This is the money time for these world class golfers. They take it seriously and expect you to as well. So what are the rules? We learned some etiquette from marshal Michael Masiello, whose job is to protect the golfers. He says it is normal for fans to want to get involved themselves.

"You applaud good shots you moan when they miss you go crazy when they make great shots always nice and respectful," Masiello said.

Now that the championship has begun as a fan it's important to now be distracting so when you see the marshal raise hands it means be quiet. The biggest no no is cell phone usage. Some places are safe. But if you are on the course and your phone isn't on vibrate, you could be in hot water.

"That ringer on the 18th hole winning put about to be stuck you will be crucified by fans of that player if he misses that put," Masiello said.

Bad behavior could ruin the moment not only for the golfers, but other fans trying to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime event.

"I've golfed for years i think most people are knowledgeable about being respecting and knowing when to be quiet," attendee Bob Bilyo said.

Disrespecting the golfers comes with consequences. If you are out of line you will get kicked off the course, and in some cases you can even be arrested.

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