Hagerstown Woman Raises Money for Pet Rescue Oxygen Masks


HAGERSTOWN, Md. - A Hagerstown woman who lost her two dogs in a house fire is now trying to turn her tragedy into something positive.

Ranee Baker, a veterinary technician at a Frederick animal hospital, was devastated when her Basenjis, Kylie and Cricket, died from smoke inhalation in 2012.

"My mom proceeded to let me know that they had passed, and the only thing I remember after that point is hearing screaming and it was me,” Baker said.

Ranee said first responders tried to resuscitate her dogs, but it was too late. She thinks oxygen masks specially designed for animals could have saved them. That is why she is raising money to provide all fire departments in Washington County with pet rescue oxygen masks. A set of three sells for about $75.

"They fit different sizes of animals, so from a little tiny kitten to a Great Dane,” Baker said. "I saw a need in the community and I’m trying to do this in Kylie and Cricket's name."

Currently, many of the fire departments in the county said they have a need for the pet rescue oxygen masks. For example, the Hagerstown Fire Department carries pet masks in only one of their vehicles.

"Given the amount of fires we've been having in the city, it's quite often that we run into an occupancy that has one or two pets,” Hagerstown Fire Department Capt. Russell Daiello said. “It's a wonderful thing that she's trying to do for the pets. It's very devastating when someone loses an animal."

Ranee is hoping that by providing the county with the pet rescue oxygen masks, others will not have to go through what she went through.

"To have something that horrendous happen to me, I want to see if I can help prevent somebody else from having to go through that trauma,” Baker said.

Ranee has a fundraising goal of $2,000. To donate to Ranee’s cause, click here.

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