Historic Cozy Restaurant Holds Sale, Items Date from 1930's


THURMONT, Md. - Residents from near and far flocked to the historic Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont to say their last goodbyes and take a few memories home with them.

Plates, pictures on the wall and even stain glass windows were up for grabs at the two day tag sale, with items dating back to the 1930's.

"When I read it in the paper that it was closing I was pretty shocked and disappointed; so that's the reason I was actually hoping to find some memorabilia to take back home with me," said Ed Stockdale, a Walkersville resident.

For 85 years the Cozy Restaurant was the "go to" place in Thurmont for residents, United States presidents and even professional athletes. Many say shutting the historical restaurant down isn't easy.

"I'm sad. It has been 35 years since I have worked here. It's very sad, it's hard, it's been my life too," said Becky Freeze, wife of owner and employee.

More than 500 items are being sold over the next two days and residents say they're happy they get to take home a piece of the Cozy history, yet upset at the same time to see it go. 

"It's sad to see everything sold off but I did want to make sure that I got something that I could keep to remember that it was here," said Jennifer Mercer, Thurmont resident.

Some residents took home their family members' history.

"Jannete is 94 and the picture of her playing ping pong has been at the Cozy restaurant for years; and it's with great pride that I am receiving it," said Sue Clabaugh, Thurmont resident. "Oh, she is going to be overwhelmed because she knows it's here."

Items from their Camp David Museum were not on sale.

The owner says he didn't expect to see so many people at the sale. The sale ends Saturday, June 21. 

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