Homeowners List Properties for PGA Championship

In just a few months it will be tee time for the PGA Championship.

Not everyone wants to stay in a hotel or can find a hotel that is available.

So local homeowners are now renting out their spaces for a price.

Craigslist is a popular place to find some of the rentals.

Realtor Jim Gaze has his 3-bedroom ranch listed there.

"I got inquiries via email from Russia and from Europe and California recently and we have had a local vendor contact us too," said James Gaze, a realtor and homeowner.

When it comes to renting your property it's all about location and the closer you are to oak hill. the better your chances.

Jim's 3-bedroom home is three blocks from the championship course.

His listing is for $5,000 for the week, which is on par with similar properties.

"I thought the adventure was more than the cash," said Gaze.

His hope was to get close to a golf legend.

But a local company may now rent the space for parties during the championship.

It's not just homes either - Steve and Amy Tausch are renting a different kind of accommodation on the water.

"It's like a little cottage a getaway even though you are staying in town. It's just beautiful and relaxing on the canal," said Amy Tausch who showed us the spot in Pittsford where their luxury houseboat will dock during the PGA Championship.

The nightly rate: $1200.

"We gauged it with comparisons of other boat rentals," said Tausch.

It sleeps 4 and comes with a minivan. The Tausch couple will even give the renters a tour of the Erie Canal.

"There is a shower, there is a full kitchen. There is air conditioning and a furnace on it, it is just very comfortable," said Tausch.

The rental fee will pay for the couple's summer docking and boat fees.

Some listings posted on Craigslist range from $500 to $12,000 depending on type of rental and location.

If you want to take a look at any of these listings you can find them here.

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